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Brief description:

Shuo Ke Wire Mesh product Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Anping County, China. Founded in 2009, the company has been more than 10 years. Our company specialized made of production, processing and sales of decorative mesh, safety fence,community courtyard fence, road guardrail, grassland fence,etc.

Shuo Ke wire mesh products Technology Co., Ltd. makes personalized metal curtain, wall decorative mesh,  partition decorative mesh, elevator decorative metal mesh, ceiling decorative mesh, glass inlater metal mesh, falling objects stainless steel protective mesh and other metal decorative mesh products with artistic style,this is a popular high-end decoration mesh in recent years.

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  • The reason why metal decorative mesh is popular. (4)
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  • Introduce several common specifications of municipal guardrails

    This paper introduces several common specifications of municipal guardrails to facilitate the selection of appropriate specifications according to different environments. The length of a single piece of municipal guardrail is generally fixed. Each guardrail is 3 meters long and has 12 small verti...

  • The reason why metal decorative mesh is popular.

    Metal is a design element with a strong sense of design. The color formula gives people a sense of luster, which makes the overall style indoors and outdoors bold, novel and avant-garde. It makes the overall effect seem to be publicized and difficult to control, but in f...

  • How to match the color of decorative metal mesh with the overall style of the room

    With the continuous improvement of people's decoration concept, the pursuit of color matching of decorative metal mesh has also been maximized. Decorating the house is no longer a monotonous light color. Dazzling decorative metal mesh products enable us to decorate the o...