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Decoration / partition / of Aluminum alloy chain metal mesh curtain

Short Description:

Metal mesh curtain features:
Durable, light and durable
Flexible – shrink and expand in one direction
Custom – made to your size

Product Detail

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Metal mesh curtain specification

Product name Restaurant partition metal mesh
Colour Golden,yellow,white,Bronze,gray,Silver
Size Maximum height 10 meters, maximum width 30 meters.
Material Stainless Stee l/ Iron
wire diameter 2
Aperture 4*36
Surface treatment Baking paint / titanium plating
Aperture ratio 50%
Operation place Hotels, large shopping malls, home decoration, meeting rooms, conference halls and other large venues

Metal mesh curtain accessories

Decoration  partition  of Aluminum alloy chain metal mesh curtain  (5)
Decoration  partition  of Aluminum alloy chain metal mesh curtain  (5)

Metal roller shutter, aluminum alloy chain link network, can be installed on the ceiling, aluminum alloy track and pulley with chain, the track can be fixed on the ceiling wall, the pulley can make the metal curtain move easily, and the chain can control the pulley. Usually our metal fabric has 1.5 times or 2 times overlap. When hanging the net, it can show a wavy shape to make the curtain beautiful.
Metal roller blinds will be used as curtains. We can provide you with metal accessories. We will install rollers on one side of the metal curtain. When you receive the goods, you will only install rails on the ceiling. The installation method is very simple.
As for the track, we have two kinds of track. One is linear, and the pulley can only move in a straight line; Second, curved rail and curved rail; The track can be bent into any shape according to the shape of your building.

Wire mesh surface treatment

According to the color and effect you want, we have three main surface treatment methods.
1. Pickling
This treatment is the simplest. Its main function is to clean the oxide layer. After this treatment, the color of the metal curtain will turn silver white
2. Anodizing
This is a little complicated; This project aims to improve the hardness and wear resistance of aluminum alloy. This can color metal curtains, and the market
Metal curtains are more durable and beautiful
3. Baking paint (this is the most popular)
This is a simple metal curtain coloring method. It only needs to mix the pigments and then place the metal curtain on the coating area.

Application of metal roll mesh

The metal roll curtain is made of high-quality stainless steel wire, aluminum alloy wire, copper wire, copper wire or other alloy materials. It is a new decorative material in modern construction industry. It is widely used in residential curtains, restaurant screens, hotel isolation, ceiling decoration, exhibition decoration, telescopic sunshade and so on.

Decoration  partition  of Aluminum alloy chain metal mesh curtain  (5)
Decoration  partition  of Aluminum alloy chain metal mesh curtain  (5)
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