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The application of decorative mesh

Shuo Ke  decorative mesh has been adopted more and more by the building field whatever on the material, structure or style because its beautiful metal color, concise style, good function, fashion and other more decorative elements.

We can provide woven stainless steel wire mesh for architecture & decorations. Woven wire fabrics come in beautiful and unique designs, and these products are used mainly as decorative coverings for the whole buildings, walls,ceilings or floors.


Decorative metal mesh is widely used in facades, partitions, suspended ceilings, sunshades, balconies and corridors, rolling blinds, stairways, etc.

1. Facade: the external decoration project is the excellent performance of the characteristics and functions of the metal decoration meshwork. The application of decorative metal mesh in building exterior decoration has aroused infinite response and attracted people's attention.

2. Ceiling: there are plane and arc hanging methods, especially modeling: decorative metal mesh is visually transparent, open, space saving, simple and convenient installation. It has more application functions and decoration functions than other materials, and is more in line with the needs of environmental protection and fire safety. These meet the requirements of ceiling.

3. Wall, interval: decorative metal mesh as wall, interval. Different opening rates and different structures of decorative meshs will bring different effects to the construction space. From different perspectives, the light transmission and shielding functions of metal meshs are also different. Whether classical or modern, it can perform perfectly. It doesn't occupy space and won't make you feel the barrier and depression of space.

4. Guardrail, bridge protection: this kind of mesh is flat, consolidated, elastic, impact resistant, non deformable, its own characteristics do not hide dirt, and it is easy to wash. High quality raw materials ensure its durability and bright as new, which not only meets the requirements of safety, but also has visual characteristics.

Post time: Feb-09-2023