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Decorative net curtain

The metal vertical curtain has a wide range of applications. The metal vertical curtain mesh can be used as the ceiling decoration mesh of buildings, facade, partition, sunshade, balcony and corridor, column surface decoration, roller shutter, stair passage and interior decoration of hotels, offices, exhibition halls, stores, etc. The characteristic of decorative hook net is that it is not affected by the size of space, easy to install, and equipped with light will produce a very beautiful effect with a strong sense of modernity. It can be said that the structure is beautiful, firm and durable.


Metal hanging curtain is a kind of architectural decoration material, which is made of aluminum alloy and other materials through special process. It is endowed with the refraction effect that the traditional cloth curtain does not have, so that it has the characteristics of dynamic movement. Coupled with its metal texture, it gives your room a sense of classic elegance, extraordinary personality and taste, which will make the hotel, restaurant, opera house and exhibition hall magnificent. In addition to retaining the functional advantages of metal and being easy to maintain, the smooth appearance of metal mesh curtain is easy to clean, which better meets the designer’s requirements for style and personality

It is widely used in the internal and external decoration of facades, partitions, ceilings, sunshades, balconies and corridors, roller blinds, stairways, airport stations, hotels, museums, opera houses, concert halls, office buildings, exhibition halls, shopping malls, etc. Different light, different environment, different time period, different observation angle, its visual effect is very rich; It can be used in various occasions and purposes to show elegant temperament and extraordinary personality.

Post time: Apr-23-2022