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About Us

Shuoke Wiremesh Product Technology Co., Ltd.

Company Profile

Shuo Ke Wire Mesh product Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Anping County, China. Founded in 2009, the company has been more than 10 years. Our company specialized made of production, processing and sales of decorative mesh, safety fence,community courtyard fence, road guardrail, grassland fence,etc.

Shuo Ke wire mesh products Technology Co., Ltd. makes personalized metal curtain, wall decorative mesh,  partition decorative mesh, elevator decorative metal mesh, ceiling decorative mesh, glass inlater metal mesh, falling objects stainless steel protective mesh and other metal decorative mesh products with artistic style,this is a popular high-end decoration mesh in recent years.

about us
about us
about us

Our Advantages

Strong Technical Team

We have a strong technical team in the industry, decades of professional experience, excellent design level, creating a high-quality high-efficiency intelligentequipment.

Intention Creation

The company uses advanced design systems and the use of advanced ISO9001 2000 international quality management system management.

Excellent Quality

The company specializes in producing high-performance equipment, strong technical force, strong development capabilities, good technical services.


Product Application

Decorative mesh material is stainless steel, aluminum alloy, copper and other materials.The color of metal mesh curtain is changeable. Under the refraction of light, the imagination space is infinite.It is often used in facade, indoor partition, ceiling, wall, balcony and corridor of buildings. Now it is used in airport, hotel, exhibition hall, opera house, office building, shopping mall, bar and other interior and exterior decoration.

ShuoKe also produces various safety protection mesh, courtyard fences, air conditioning protection fences, road guardrails, etc. to provide new building security products for life, such as protection against theft and falling objects. The fences produced by ShuoKe have the advantages of safety, beauty and practicality, and free customize for customers.

High Quality

Our pursuit of innovation and high quality, has a strong design, development, and manufacturing capabilities, so our product wire mesh has been deeply loved by customers.. At present, our products have been exported to the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, Spain, South Korea, Japan and more than 20 countries.

If you need to customize products for your project, please contact us.