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304 stainless steel river landscape railing bridge guardrail

Short Description:

River guardrail is a kind of guardrail built on the river, which plays an important role in protecting personal and vehicle safety. Its anti-collision performance is quite outstanding, especially for vehicles and people. The most important thing is to improve the anti-collision performance, especially the impact on the vehicle, and prevent the vehicle from running in the water, which may lead to life danger,the anti-collision ability of river guardrail is very important.

Product Detail

Product Tags

Product specifications

Product Name Bridge Guardrail
Material Stainless Steel Composite Pipe
Color Customizedble
Size Customizedble
Surface Powder Coating
Feature Self-Cleaning


1.Useing anti-corrosion and anti-rust technology to increase product life.
2.The surface is made of stainless steel and has good self-cleaning properties.
3.The bridge guardrail is easy to install, not easy to damage, has few contact surfaces for good stability.
4.The bridge guardrails protect pedestrian safety, beautiful and cost-effective.

Problems needing attention during bridge guardrail Construction

1. During the construction of guardrail, the data of various facilities shall be accurately mastered, especially the accurate position of various pipelines buried in the subgrade. It is not allowed to cause any damage to underground facilities during the construction process. In case of insufficient filling depth of underground communication pipeline, drain pipe or culvert top, the position of column shall be adjusted or the fixing method of column shall be changed.
2. When the column is driven too deep, the column shall not be pulled out for correction. The rest shall be pulled out, and its foundation shall be tamped again before driving, or the position of the column shall be adjusted.
3. The bridge guardrail shall be installed with flange plate, and attention shall be paid to the positioning of flange plate and the control of column top elevation.

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