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Why can copper mesh be shielded?

Use of copper screen: it is mainly used for radiation protection of special cable circuits, laboratories, machine rooms and other special equipment. Anti electromagnetic interference of electronic equipment, power sector, aerospace, information industry and military equipment. At present, there are many specifications and skill conditions for copper mesh in China, especially the concept of nominal red copper mesh specification purpose effect is also different.


Use of red copper mesh:

1: It is used for electromagnetic shielding or electromagnetic radiation protection requiring light transmission, such as shielding of instrument display window.

2: For walls The ground Electromagnetic shielding or electromagnetic radiation protection for ceiling and other parts Such as laboratory computer room. Strong current room bank. Radar station, etc.

Advantages of red copper mesh:

1: prevent electromagnetic radiation from affecting life and staff health.

2: Prevent electromagnetic leakage and ensure the normal operation of  parts, equipment and systems.

3: Effectively shield electromagnetic radiation signals, protect confidential documents and wall sound insulation.

Three red copper mesh specifications are 1:60 mesh, 80 mesh, 100 mesh and 120 mesh. Red copper mesh is a commonly used shielding mesh.

30 mesh red copper mesh with a width of 1.5 is mainly used for shielding electromagnetic waves on jade mattresses.

200 mesh is generally used for shielding radiator of tablet computer, LCD components of computer, and manufacturing internal heat dissipation elements of copper powder and copper pipe.

Indicate; According to the customer's requirements, the cutting strip is 8mm narrow (special specifications can be processed and customized).

Post time: Apr-27-2022