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Introduction to metal mesh curtain

Metal mesh curtain has many materials, such as high-quality alloy aluminum, brass, red copper, aluminum magnesium alloy wire, copper wire, stainless steel wire and other metal materials, which are formed by spiral weaving. Metal mesh curtain is also a new type of architectural decoration material on the market. The metal mesh curtain has good sag and can be folded. Like the curtain, the decorative effect is very good.

The surface of metal mesh curtain can be the original color of metal, or it can be processed into bronze, gold and other metal colors. It can be used to decorate a variety of luxury buildings, such as hotels and office rooms. It can be used to decorate a variety of luxurious scenes, such as golden screen, so it can reflect a variety of high-grade interior and exterior lights.


Metal mesh curtain can be applied to large-scale cutting or front decoration, or small-area local decoration. Its natural metal color changes with different light, and the reflection produced by the residual light forms a separated and continuous overall space through the metal mesh, giving people a sense of visual openness and unlimited imagination space. Because of its unique flexibility and glossiness of metal wires and metal lines, it retains the functional advantages of metal and is easy to maintain. Its smooth appearance is easy to clean. It also directly cultivates the incompatible artistic style of current metal decoration. The hanging curtain has changeable colors. Under the refraction of light, the imagination space is infinite and beautiful. It can better meet the requirements of designers for style and personality.


The metal hanging curtain can be used for the covering decoration of the wall, the indoor distance decoration, the covering decoration of the column and the three-dimensional decoration of the ceiling.


Post time: Apr-28-2022