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Copper mesh shielding is mainly divided into several specifications?

It can be imagined that the shielding mesh is the screen used to play the shielding effect, which can play the role of shielding net signal, shielding electromagnetic, shielding microwave and other facilities that need shielding. Copper mesh is a better shielding mesh product.

Copper wire, brass mesh

1.Raw materials: brass wire, including 65 brass (about 65% copper and 35% zinc), 80 brass (about 80% copper and 20% zinc);

Mesh: plain weave 6 mesh / inch - 160 / inch, twill is higher, 280 mesh.

Features: brass wire mesh has appropriate tensile and extensibility. The smaller the mesh, the larger the mesh and the better the water filtering performance.

2. Red copper wire mesh -- also known as shielding mesh

Raw material: red copper wire (pure copper content 99.999%)

Features: red copper wire mesh has good conductivity, heat transfer performance, non-magnetic, corrosion resistance and wear resistance.

Mesh: plain 5-200 mesh, twill higher 250 mesh.

Purpose: filter electron beam, electronic display screen, shield electromagnetic wave signal.

3. Phosphorus copper wire mesh

Raw material: phosphorus copper wire (containing 85% - 90% copper and 5% - 15% zinc)

Features: non magnetic, wear-resistant, acid and alkali resistant, good extensibility.

Mesh number: plain grain 5-185 mesh, twill higher 400 mesh.

Usage: usually used for powder, ceramic clay and glass, printing and dyeing objects of ceramic ware and filtering liquid and gas.

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Post time: Apr-26-2022