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Stainless steel glass laminated decorative wire mesh

Short Description:

Glass Laminated decoration mesh, hotel glass laminated mesh is widely used in the internal and external decoration of facades, curtain walls, partitions, ceilings, sunshades, balconies, corridors and stairways of airport stations, hotels, museums, opera houses, stadiums, high-end famous brand stores, cafes, shopping squares, villas, concert halls, office buildings, exhibition halls, shopping malls and other buildings.

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There are plane type, arc hanging method and special modeling type: the metal curtain wall net is visually transparent, open, space saving, simple and convenient assembly. It has more use functions and more decorative effects than other materials, and is more in line with the requirements of environmental protection and fire safety.

Characteristics of glass sandwich decorative mesh

1. The glass metal decorative mesh is incombustible, high-strength and solid, and the decorative effect is vivid.
2. It can well protect building structures.
3. You can create unlimited creativity and aesthetic art enjoyment in any space such as architectural landscape, indoor space, facade, ceiling, background decoration, partition, curtain wall shading, etc.
4. Solemn, generous, good three-dimensional effect, more attractive under the light.
5. The installation is simple and fast
6. The metal decorative mesh is made of stainless steel 304 316 316L, with high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, not easy to rust, gorgeous and high-grade.
7. The mesh is uniform, the mesh surface is flat, and the metal mesh has various colors. It can be customized freely and flexibly according to requirements
8. The metal mesh surface is easy to take care of, easy to clean, bright color, unique appearance, noble and elegant.

Stainless steel glass laminated decorative wire mesh
Stainless steel glass laminated decorative wire mesh
Stainless steel glass laminated decorative wire mesh

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