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How to match the color of decorative metal mesh with the overall style of the room

With the continuous improvement of people's decoration concept, the pursuit of color matching of decorative metal mesh has also been maximized. Decorating the house is no longer a monotonous light color. Dazzling decorative metal mesh products enable us to decorate the office solemnly and appropriately. However, if the color matching is not good, it is also the taboo of decoration. The collocation is not good, but it has no beautiful effect. It looks ugly instead. Let's introduce the color matching skills of metal mesh curtain on different occasions!

The color matching of decorative metal mesh directly affects the specification of the room. In places with large areas such as wall, ground and ceiling, it is suitable to use light stainless steel decorative mesh and spiral decorative mesh as the bottom tone, especially the ceiling. If too many dark colors are used, it will give people a sense of depression and heaviness. You can put some small pendants (such as small lanterns hung during the festival) on the ceiling. The contrast between the wall and the ceiling is bright and vibrant. Colors such as metal curtains and metal partition mesh curtains are the tone of a room, which can form a perfect match with the wall.

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The color of conference room and customer reception room is mostly cold tone, which is solemn and gives customers a sense of order, professionalism and responsibility. Light colored stainless steel decorative mesh is suitable for the wall, with high color brightness. It can broaden people's thinking when matched with dark tea table. The commonly used colors are black, coffee, light gray, aluminum alloy primary color, stainless steel primary color, bright silver, etc.

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Superior restaurants should be mainly warm or neutral colors, and bright tablecloths can enhance people's appetite. More commonly used, such as golden yellow, golden color, orange, etc. entertainment places are the most relaxed places for people. They generally use bright colors and warm colors, giving people a passionate and romantic atmosphere. Mainly grape purple, gold, bronze, Chinese red, mahogany red, etc. The salesman's office is mainly in high brightness warm color and neutral color. It is recommended to choose stainless steel primary color, aluminum alloy primary color, light gray metal mesh curtain or spiral decorative mesh. The color with high brightness looks bright and clean. If the color matching is not good, the space will be ugly. Therefore, ordinary people still dare not try too personalized colors. White is the safest. Black + white can create a strong visual effect. Gray is between black and white, easing the visual conflict between the two. Working in this atmosphere for a long time will make employees rational Order, professionalism and responsibility.

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Post time: Oct-15-2021