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Decorative metal ring mesh Safety protection chain armor

Short Description:

The metal ring mesh is named ring mesh, ring mesh curtain. It is composed of many small rings with the size of 3.85mm-30mm. 304 / 316 stainless steel, galvanized steel, brass and copper materials are suitable for chain link mesh. Stainless steel ring mesh is the most popular in the international market.

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Introduce of metal ring mesh

There are two types of chain link mesh: Welded ring mesh and non welded ring mesh.
Welded ring mesh is suitable for anti cutting gloves, anti cutting cloth and hat. Some special material rings are used in military field and have bulletproof and shielding functions.
Solderless ring mesh is used for ceiling curtains, curtains and room dividers, because solderless ring mesh is cheaper than welded ring mesh, but it is strong enough for curtains, not easy to break and easy to make various shapes.

Specification of ring mesh

The ring mesh is made of carbon steel wire or stainless steel wire or copper wire and consists of rings.

Material Wire diameter Ring size Weight
stainless steel 304,316 0.53mm 3.8mm 3.8kgs/m2
Stainless steel 304,316 1mm 8mm 4.2kgs/m2
Stainless steel 304,316 1.2mm 10mm 4.0kgs/m2
Stainless steel 304,316 2mm 20mm 6.8kgs/m2
Stainless steel 304,316 3mm 30mm 10kgs/m2

Surface treatment of metal ring mesh

A: Vacuum plating is suitable for stainless steel ring mesh
Argon is injected under vacuum, argon strikes the target, and the separated components of the target are adsorbed by conductive products to form a uniform and smooth surface layer.
Baking paint - for steel, steel and copper
Baking varnish is the most commonly used surface treatment method in the production of metal ring curtain. Mix the pigment to the desired color, then apply it to the metal chain curtain, and finally bake the surface at high temperature to obtain a lasting color. And the lowest cost.

Hanging method of metal ring mesh

The ring net curtain can be hung by any qualified installer using a carrier with an integral hook from a solid traditional track. Choose from these 5 methods: small washer, large washer, ring, label top and continuous pocket.

Decorative metal ring mesh Safety protection chain armor03
Decorative metal ring mesh Safety protection chain armor03
Decorative metal ring mesh Safety protection chain armor03

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