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Architectural decorative metal weaving mesh curtain wall spiral mesh

Short Description:

Building grid is one of the fastest developing trends of applications inside and outside buildings. It provides design appeal, energy efficiency, material sustainability and low maintenance. Bring enhanced interest to your next project by adding the beauty and function of building steel wire mesh.

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Specification of decorative spiral mesh

NO. Mesh Reference Material Spiral thickness x width Crossed rod diameter Spiral pitch Crossed rod pitch Weight
1 SK-2001 Stainless steel 201,304,316, 316L and so on; Low carbon steel 1.0mm x 1.6mm 1.5mm 8mm 12mm 6.0 KG/m²
2 SK-2002 1.0mm x 1.6mm 1.2mm 13mm 8.0mm 3.0 KG/m²
3 SK-2003 1.0mm x 4.0mm 2.0mm 13mm 12mm 11.0KG/m²
4 SK-2004 1.4mm x 2.3mm 2.0mm 11mm 18mm 7.5 KG/m²
5 SK-2005 1.4mm x 2.3mm 2.0mm 12mm 23mm 6.5 KG/m²
6 SK-2006 1.0mm x 4.0mm 2.0mm 15mm 25mm 7.5 KG/m²
7 SK-2007 1.0mm x 4.0mm 2.0mm 15mm 28mm 7.2 KG/m²
8 SK-2008 1.0mm x 5.0mm 5.0mm 15mm 50mm 10 KG/m²
9 SK-2009 1.0mm x 4.0mm 2.0mm 19mm 42mm 4.5 KG/m²
10 SK-2010 1.0mm x 4.0mm 3.0mm 30mm 40mm 4.0 KG/m²
11 SK-2011 1.0mm x 5.0mm 3.0mm 30mm 45mm 3.5 KG/m²
12 SK-2012 1.5mm x 5.5mm 3.0mm 38mm 60mm 4.5 KG/m²

Purpose of decorative spiral mesh

1. Decorative woven metal mesh for railing.
2. It is used for the repair of decorative woven steel wire mesh.
3. Decorative woven metal mesh for fence.
4. Decorative woven mesh for furniture.
5. Decorative woven mesh for building facade.
6. Decorative woven mesh for ceiling.
7. Decorative woven mesh for zoo protective mesh.
8. Decorative woven screen for internal space separation and display.

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